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Youth services, like youth clubs and youth workers, exist to provide a sense of belonging, a safe space, and the opportunity for some of the most vulnerable young people, to enjoy being young.

But sadly, young people have suffered as a direct result of funding cuts across England and Wales. Since 2010/2011, youth services have been cut by 70%.

We believe this is unacceptable.

We are calling on the Government to prioritise young people and reinvest in youth services by meeting the following 3 tests:

1. Restore youth services funding back to 2010 levels
Our research shows the extent of decline in youth clubs and youth workers over the past decade. We need to seeincreased investment in the right places to ensure young people have the opportunity to thrive.

2. Provide both universal services for all young people and targeted services for those who need it
We need a mix of open access services like youth clubs which provide all young people with a safe space and someone to speak to as well as targeted intervention on specific issues such as youth violence.

3. Create a national youth service strategy
We need there to be an overarching vision to make sure every young person has access to youth services which are properly resourced.


‚ÄčThis is vital so that services for young people don't become a thing of the past.

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