We must end the cost of living crisis for young people

The young people we support are in desperate need.

Skipping meals, relying on food banks and getting into debt, more support for young people in this situation is needed, not less.

The Government's plans fell way short of what is necessary and actually made the situation worse with threats to benefits that risk plunging young people further into poverty.

Something must change. We are calling on the new Prime Minister and his Government to ensure that urgent support is put in place for young people reliant on welfare support. 

Back our campaign today - add your voice to end the uncertainty that young people in supported housing, and those reliant on welfare support, are living with.

What we're calling for

To help young people, we believe the Government must:

  • Uprate welfare benefits in line with inflation
  • Increase funding to provide Local Authority grants to support local need - i.e., food or winter clothes vouchers
  • Amend the rules for the £400 energy rebate to include those living in supported accommodation who pay bills ‘all-included'
  • Address the systemic issues with moving on from supported accommodation and the barriers of getting into work

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